How To Win Double Or Nothing Online Poker Tournaments

Double or Nothing (DoN) Sit and Go tournaments have become increasingly popular recently. If played correctly, the DoN tournament can prove to be very profitable. To be successful at this type of tournament, a very tight play-style must be used. Your goal isn’t to come first, or even second, you just need to beat half of the players at the table. Fold every hand bar premium hands (Aces / Kings / Queens / Ace-King), and if you hit the flop with any hand make sure you make a big bet to scare off your competition, you don’t want someone drawing out on you.

If you manage to double up your chip stack (from an all-in being called) you’re pretty much guaranteed to be in the money. As soon as you have a large chip lead start playing super tight, only playing Aces or Kings, there’s no need to risk your chips for anything else – being 1st place doesn’t affect how much money you win.

If you don’t manage to double up your chip stack, and you are beginning to fritter away your chips on blinds, it’s time to make a move. You need to wait until you are either the big blind or have a good hand (bearing in mind that at the stage any Ace, any pair or any two picture cards are good hands). If you are big blind the chances are you have a high percentage of your overall chip stack involved in the hand already, you don’t even need to look at your hand if the blind is more than 20% of your total chip amount – just push all in. The only time you should let yourself be blinded out of a tournament is if you are one player outside of the paid position (the bubble) and you believe someone is going make an all-in move soon. In that case you can just stay in the game as long as possible, hoping someone else makes an all-in move and gets called Online casino.

Using this poker tip online, you should be able to win approximately 55%-75% of the time. Try this online poker tip out for free by using a no deposit online poker bonus – you can still win real money.

Sky poker currently hosts several DoN Tournaments and the skill level of poker players there is way lower than average. WARNING: Taking advantage of newbie poker players by using tactics like this is sometimes considered controversial – those who win money from these players are advised not to discuss where you learnt the tactic.

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