Will GM Source Cars From China to Sell in North America?


Thanks to the popularity of its Buick brand as well as fascination with Cadillac, Chevrolet, a partnership with Wuling as well as also other makes, GM readily sells several million cars annually in the People’s Republic of China and continues to be on the right track to double that amount over the following five decades. Clearly, if GM is to survive for the long term then China will play a significant role in aiding the beleaguered auto maker to ensure success.

Cars From China Are On Their Way

China has been an interesting subject of discussion in regards to automobiles since a few of those country’s organizations are currently building cars. Back 2005, Chery Automotive appeared led to exporting cars to the US, sourcing agent to bring its Chevy Spark rip off – the Q Q state side. Later, Geely announced that they were exploring the usa market accompanied by Brilliance and BYD. So far, no one has taken the bite though each provider allegedly is preparing to make this type of go.

General Motors may possibly end up being the very first company to export Chinese cars to the US based on documentation leaked recently which covers the provider’s restructuring plans. That documentation summarizes what steps the automaker is likely to be taking over the upcoming several years to recover adulthood demonstrating that in 2011,” GM intends to import a few 17,000 cars from China, tripling that number by 2014.

Within GM’s recovery plans, the auto maker believes that early next decade they’ll see just over three million cars annually within the united states. Thus, the number of vehicles have to be erased from China are minuscule, well below that which GM will source from Mexico and South Korea, two additional niches supplying cars to the US market.

Noting that the automaker has become tens of thousands of thousands of thousands of dollars in national citizen funding, union officials are criticizing GM for researching the China option. Likely, some of that criticism is dependant on what might soon develop into a trend – setting off high breaking employees in america and closing factories while still filling the gap with cars built and imported from China.

Automotive News and several key vehicle blogs including Automobile Trends have been reporting on GM’s suggested China initiative. Though nothing has been set in rock, we’re most likely to find cars from China within the next year or two whether or not stolen by GM or assembled by a Chinese manufacturer.

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