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Roku the best streaming player offers outstanding features and specifications. Among the top models, you can start selecting the one that is affordable to you. Read the guidelines and instructions to start the device setup using

Collecting the requirements – Device activation code, streaming device, network connection with good speed.

Roku account creation process

Users who already have a Roku account can start the login providing the credentials and users who do not have an account can create one visiting the Roku account sign up page
The data or information required for account creation include name, email ID and password.
Search for the submit tab and start tapping on it to complete the account creation Network connection

Internet connection settings will be visible on the screen and selecting the wireless option will offer you better output. As soon as you tap on the wireless icon visible on the screen you will be intimated to type the credentials .

Provide the credentials and double tap on the connect tab and the process of connecting the device to the network will complete
Wait for a while and your streaming device will start the software download

Device linking using the page

The next step is the linking process and suggest you to make use of the page Tap on the URL and you can provide the device activation or the linking code
As you wait and provide the valid code the device will automatically start linking to your account

How to avoid errors linking your device?

To overcome issues or errors that pop up during device linking process there are lot of troubleshooting instructions that you can follow

To start with check the activation page and the code that you use for device setup. Double check and make sure that the credentials are always valid
Resetting the device you use is the best option for avoiding all the activation and setup errors
The internet connection that you use must be always secure and must have good speed for setting up the device
If the error is associated with the code that you use try to get a new code tapping on the star button on your device. Suggest you to speak to our customer support executives who are available round the clock to assist you
Besides, verify the device activation steps and ensure that you do not miss any of the guidelines
If all the errors still remain try to use a different streaming device. If the existing device is under warranty period try to service the device

Apart from the above-listed troubleshooting tips, we have lot of other guidelines too and it is your interest to select the best tips

Furthermore, to get more updates to activate Roku using, we have a team who are always happy to support and assist you any time. Call our toll free number +1-844-392-4700 for Roku Setup.

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